On the Nature of Things

While reading Stephen Greenblatt’s The Swerve, I became interested in Lucretius, the Roman philosopher and poet who authored De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things). This quote from his book expresses one of his principle beliefs: that it is useless and detrimental to fear the afterlife. In a way, it is a Latin version of Don’t Worry, Be Happy. I did this piece as my final project in Judy Detrick’s recent Uncial class.

On the Nature of Things

About raoulpat

I got started as a calligrapher in 2009, and haven't put my pen down since. Some of the services that I provide are wedding calligraphy, quinceañera calligraphy, envelope addressing, place cards and transforming inspirational citations into framable artwork.
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8 Responses to On the Nature of Things

  1. dotyuki says:



  2. Melissa Titone says:

    Beautiful, Raoul! You continually astound me!

    Melissa Titone Conference Co-Director The Passionate Pen 2015 International Calligraphy Conference


  3. Martha Boccalini says:

    Just another stunning example of your work, Raoul. Thank you for the gift.


  4. Elena Caruthers says:

    Lovely, Raoul!



  5. Patricia Van Steenberge says:

    Raoul,  This is really beautiful.  I am still struggling with these uncials, but after Judy’s class I’m making slow but sure progress.  This gives me something to strive for.  Thanks, Patricia


  6. Judy Detrick says:

    Thank you for being such a good student and for trying something you didn’t think would work. Obviously, it did. It’s beautiful.


  7. Fear of the darkness is instinctual, a response grounded in nature. Nature is not our friend, but our pitiless boss. Those who seek it will do well to remember that nature has no concern for their happiness. That is the teaching of Lucretius.


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