Italian Hand

Italian Hand, April 2017Last weekend, I attended the Poetic Pen calligraphy workshop, taught by Heather Held, where we learned Italian Hand, the ancestor of English Roundhand. It’s quirky, but Heather’s enthusiasm is infectious, and I soon fell in love with its blobs and flamboyant curlicues. This is my exemplar.

About raoulpat

I got started as a calligrapher in 2009, and haven't put my pen down since. Some of the services that I provide are wedding calligraphy, quinceañera calligraphy, envelope addressing, place cards and transforming inspirational citations into framable artwork.
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5 Responses to Italian Hand

  1. Chris Martinez says:

    All my life I have been blessed to view the evidence of your artistic flair, I need no confirmation of this to be convinced of your obvious gifts in these areas. This is just a natural and beautiful development of the gifts that area already there. And it is a beautiful thing to behold, brother.


  2. Elena Caruthers says:

    Beautiful. Raoul!



  3. alan blackman says:

    Je suis tellement heureux de le voir, Raoul
    –Il est très enrichissant de voir à quel point vous êtes adaptable en apprenant des variations de ce que vous êtes déjà un maître. Plus de puissance pour vous. (Excusez mon utilisation de la forme formelle d’adresse: C’est tout ce que Google Traduit a à offrir. Meilleur amour, alan 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎


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